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My Special Day (Min Stora Dag in Swedish) is a Swedish nonprofit NGO that make dreams come true for Swedish children and youngsters with serious illnesses and diagnoses. During 2015, 3000 children were part of an activity together with My Special Day. 

In addition to the nearly 300 individual wishes that are fulfilled annually, My Special Day arrange group activities such as attending pop concerts, sport events, circus shows or other official but special events. These events are very appreciated as a well needed breaks from the every day life with sickness. Furthermore, every year groups of teenagers go on different camps. Not only are the camps a fun and adventurous experience but they also give an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation and help form special friendships.


The vision of My Special Day is simple: ”All children with serious illnesses in Sweden should be a part of something positive out of the ordinary that provides power and self-esteem”. My Special Day is a fundraising foundation, entirely dependent on generous donations from companies, individuals and foundations as the organisation receives no governmental funds.

My Special Day engages 300 volunteers each year to manage and coordinate all dreams to be fulfilled and other activities to be carried out by the foundation. We collaborate with all hospitals across Sweden, where the identification of children to get individual whishes fulfilled is made by medical expertise.


My Special Day holds a Swedish ”90-fundraising account” by the Swedish Fundraising Control, who work to ensure that fundraising activities is safely monitored, that collections are not burdened with excessive costs, that sound marketing techniques are used in fundraising activities. This als mean that the foundation is obliged to keep the administrative cost below 25%.

In 2014 was the turnover of My Special Day 23.6 M SEK, where of 13 % of the annual expenses accounted for was administration.

My Special Day is fortunate to have Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine as its patron.


Companies and organisations looking for well known organisation as a CSR-partner in Sweden are more than welcome to contact My Special Day to find ways for long term collaborations.

To make donations

It is possible to make a donations to the work of My Special Day in several ways within Sweden.
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To donate from abroad

Bank Name: SEB
Bank A/C No: SE7350000000054281000879
Bank Address: 10640 Stockholm, Sweden
Beneficiary Bank Branch Code: 5428
Beneficiary Swift Code: ESSESESS